I was recently contacted by an Isaacs descendant living in Minnesota who formerly lived in South Africa.  About 60 new family members can now be added to the family tree, many living in South Africa.  A woman named Clare Lee of Minnesota has tracked the descendants of Ann Isaacs, whose father was Lewis Isaacs, one of the four brothers who moved from Holland to London, and the only one who became a lawyer. Among others, the Elmans, the Gilberts, Jill Young and Edward and John Isaacs are all descendants of Lewis Isaacs.  The information has been added to the web site.  John Isaacs August 21, 2005


Descendants of Ann Isaacs


Generation No. 1


1.  ANN3 ISAACS  (LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) (Source: All information about descendents from e-mail from Clare Lee [clare@mn.rr.com], July 23, 2005.) was born July 14, 1841 in Whitechapel, Middlesex, England.  She married JOSEPH LEVI August 19, 1863 in Bridge House Hotel, London, England.  He was born 1834 in Plymouth, Devon, England, and died April 01, 1876 in 40 Castle St., Holborn.


Notes for ANN ISAACS:

On a postcard to Harold, son of Jennie.  Annie Levi says, "This is the house we live in.  The marks show my bedroom, facing the sea and Uncle Lewis', the garden.  Come with your mother and sty with us soon.  I would love to see my Harold, who I do often thing and speak of.  Pleased to know you are getting on well at school.  Expect you are now at the farm.  Love from Grannie  (Postmarked Southend -on-Sea.  Address: Highlands, Imperial Avenue, Westcliff-on-Sea"


In 1921 when Jennie died, Annie was 80 years old and living at 16 Hillmaster Road, Camden Town, London


Notes for JOSEPH LEVI: His name is also spelled Levy.


Here is the trade entry for Joseph LEVI in the London Post Office Directory of 1872.  The entry reads as follows:


Levi, Joseph & Co.

            Wholesale opticians, manufacturers of spectacles, eyeglasses, telescopes, field glasses, curvilinear opera glasses, stereoscopes & views, mathematical and nautical instruments, barometers and thermometers, quadrants, sextants, electrical apparatus & photographic apparatus &c.  40 Castle Street, Holborn.


Source: e-mail from Clare Lee [clare@mn.rr.com], July 23, 2005


Children of ANN ISAACS and JOSEPH LEVI are:

2.         i.          SAMUEL4 LEVI, b. 1864, Hackney, Middlesex, England.

3.         ii.          EDMUND LEVI, b. July 02, 1866, Hackney, Middlesex, England.

            iii.         FRANCIS PHINEAS LEVI, b. 1867, Hackney, Middlesex, England.

4.         iv.         JENNIE LEVI, b. 1870, Islington, Middlesex, England; d. July 18, 1921, Trichardt, Transvaal, South Africa..

            v.         LEWIS LEVI, b. July 18, 1872, Islington, Middlesex, England.

            vi.         WALTER LEVI, b. May 16, 1875, Islington, Middlesex, England.



Generation No. 2


2.  SAMUEL4 LEVI (ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born 1864 in Hackney, Middlesex, England.  He married MABEL LYONS. 


Children of SAMUEL LEVI and MABEL LYONS are:

            i.          ARNOLD5 LEVER, m. ELIZABETH NATHAN.


More About ARNOLD LEVER: Emigrated: London, England; Job: Painted scarves for" Jaquemar" 


            ii.          ERIC LEVER, b. 1892; m. GLADYS JACOBS.


3.  EDMUND4 LEVI (ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born July 02, 1866 in Hackney, Middlesex, England.  He married JOHANNA GERS 1896 in Nurenberg, Germany, daughter of JULIUS GERS and FREDERICKA BLUMENTHAL.  She was born in Hope Town, South Africa, and died 1918 in Griquatown, South Africa.


Notes for EDMUND LEVI:

He changed his name to Lee around 1940.


Children of EDMUND LEVI and JOHANNA GERS are:

            i.          FRITZ5 LEVI, d. 1917.


Notes for FRITZ LEVI: Killed in World War I


            ii.          HARRY LEVI, d. 1918.


Notes for HARRY LEVI: Arrived home from WW1 and contracted the Spanish Flu.  Died in 1918


5.         iii.         ANNIE LEVI, b. June 01, 1900; d. November 17, 1984, Johannesburg, South Africa.

6.         iv.         FRIEDA LEVI, b. August 02, 1901.

7.         v.         ARTHUR LEVI, b. 1904; d. 1992.

8.         vi.         RALPH BRUCE LEVI, b. July 21, 1906, Griquatown, South Africa; d. 1950, Betty's Bay, Capetown, South Arfica.

            vii.        HERBERT CAREY LEVI, b. 1907; d. October 07, 1995, Seattle, Washington, USA; m. ESTELLE.

            viii.       CHARLES LEVI, b. January 15, 1915; d. 2001; m. ANNE POTGIETER.

9.         ix.         GLADYS LEVI, b. December 12, 1914; d. 1997.

10.       x.         ETHEL LEVI, b. October 06, 1915, Griquatown, South Africa; d. 2000.

11.       xi.         JOAN LEVI, b. February 06, 1916.

12.       xii.        FRANK LEVI, b. August 10, 1917, Griquatown, South Africa; d. 2003.



4.  JENNIE4 LEVI (ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born 1870 in Islington, Middlesex, England, and died July 18, 1921 in Trichardt, Transvaal, South Africa..  She married FREDERICK HERO SIMMONS 1892 in Cape Town, South Africa, son of HENRY SIMMONS and ANNIE HARRIS.  He was born May 05, 1866.


Notes for JENNIE LEVI: Jennie and her mother, Annie came by ship to Cape Town.


Notes for FREDERICK HERO SIMMONS: Studied at Brighton College and later medicine at St. Bartholomew's Hospital.  Went to HopeTown, South Africa after to practice medicine.


He served as doctor for the army in the Boer War.





            i.          HAROLD5 SIMMONS, b. March 13, 1899, Jeppe Street (on the ground the Moray House stands today), Johannasburg, South Africa.

            ii.          WILLIAM HERBERT SIMMONS, b. 1902; d. 1904.



Generation No. 3


5.  ANNIE5 LEVI (EDMUND4, ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born June 01, 1900, and died November 17, 1984 in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She married WALTER DEVENISH February 1941 in Pretoria, South Africa.  He was born October 12, 1897 in Primrose, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa, and died July 02, 1962 in Roodepoort.



            i.          GEORGE6 DEVENISH, b. November 10, 1941, Roodepoort, South Africa; m. PATRICIA LEE.


Notes for GEORGE DEVENISH: He was a consultant on the new constitution of South Africa.


More About GEORGE DEVENISH: Job: Lawyer, professor of law


More About PATRICIA LEE: Job: Teacher of disabled children (retired)


6.  FRIEDA5 LEVI (EDMUND4, ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born August 02, 1901.  She married (1) GERALD VAN DRUTEN.  He was born 1897.  She married (2) FRANS JACOBUS SMUTS. 



            i.          JOYCE6 VAN DRUTEN, b. June 14, 1930.



7.  ARTHUR5 LEVI (EDMUND4, ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born 1904, and died 1992.  He married FREDA OSBORNE. 


Children of ARTHUR LEVI and FREDA OSBORNE are:

            i.          COLIN6 LEE, d. September 10, 1991, Killed in plane crash in Borneo; m. BROOKE WILKERSON; b. September 10, 1991, Killed in plane crash in Borneo.


More About COLIN LEE: Job: Executive with both DUPONT and CONOCO.


            ii.          JOHN LEE, m. VALARIE.


8.  RALPH BRUCE5 LEVI (EDMUND4, ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born July 21, 1906 in Griquatown, South Africa, and died 1950 in Betty's Bay, Capetown, South Arfica.  He married EILEEN FOSTER BROWN April 04, 1944.  She was born December 07, 1910 in Alexandria, Cape Town, South Africa, and died August 1997 in Cape Town, South Africa.


Children of RALPH LEVI and EILEEN BROWN are:

13.       i.          EDMUND SYDNEY FOSTER6 LEE, b. April 26, 1945, Cape Town, South Africa.

            ii.          ELAINE MAUD LEE, b. November 13, 1948, Mafeking, Cape Town, South Africa; m. CHRISTOPHER LITTLEJOHN WALKER, November 29, 1971, Cape Town, South Africa; b. June 10, 1946, Cape Town, South Africa.


Notes for CHRISTOPHER LITTLEJOHN WALKER: They have 3 children (one died young).


            iii.         CORINNE MARGARET LEE, b. July 28, 1950; m. CHARLES MERRY, June 01, 1974, Fredericton, New Brunswick.


Notes for CHARLES MERRY: They have 2 children.


9.  GLADYS5 LEVI (EDMUND4, ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born December 12, 1914, and died 1997.  She married (1) SYDNEY NIGHTINGALE.    She married (2) WILLIAM MORRISON. 





Notes for ADRIAN BULLA RADEMEYER: They have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.




            ii.          FRANK NIGHTINGALE, m. VAL COD.


Notes for FRANK NIGHTINGALE: They have 1 child.


10.  ETHEL5 LEVI (EDMUND4, ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born October 06, 1915 in Griquatown, South Africa, and died 2000.  She married (1) CYRIL ERIC WYATT 1938 in Pretoria, South Africa.  He was born September 14, 1918 in Orange Free State, South Africa, and died 1980.  She married (2) JOHN CAMERON July 05, 1954 in Gatooma, Rhodesia.  He was born August 18, 1909 in Ermelo, South Africa, and died October 25, 1976.


Children of ETHEL LEVI and CYRIL WYATT are:

            i.          RAY REGINALD6 WYATT, b. June 24, 1941, Zimbabwe  (Southern Rhodesia); d. 1974; m. LESLIE DUGMORE, April 23, 1966, Salisbury (Harare, Zimbabwe).


Notes for RAY REGINALD WYATT: They have two children.


            ii.          BRUCE ARTHUR WYATT, b. February 29, 1948, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (Southern Rhodesia); m. LORNA DUSHEIKO, December 13, 1973, Johannesburg, South Africa; b. January 19, 1951, Johannesburg, South Africa.


Notes for BRUCE ARTHUR WYATT: They have 2 children.


More About BRUCE ARTHUR WYATT: Job: Geochemist with De Beers


11.  JOAN5 LEVI (EDMUND4, ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born February 06, 1916.  She married DICK BOND. 


Children of JOAN LEVI and DICK BOND are:

            i.          HERBERT6 BOND, m. MAUREEN.

            ii.          BUSTER BOND, m. MARILYN KROUSE.

            iii.         ALICE BOND, m. PATRICK DUDDY.


12.  FRANK5 LEVI (EDMUND4, ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born August 10, 1917 in Griquatown, South Africa, and died 2003.  He married OLIVE LEFIN May 10, 1946.  She was born August 22, 1918 in Cullinan, South Africa, and died 1972.


Notes for FRANK LEVI: Changed his name to Frank Lee.  Frank  was the only one of the siblings still alive in 2002. Source: e-mail from Clare Lee [clare@mn.rr.com], July 23, 2005


Children of FRANK LEVI and OLIVE LEFIN are:

            i.          DONOVON6 LEE, b. April 01, 1947, Durban, South Africa; m. PAT SPARKS, April 12, 1975; b. March 04, 1953, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.


Notes for DONOVON LEE: They have 4 children

More About DONOVON LEE: Job: Professor of business


            ii.          MARGUERITE LEE, b. October 07, 1953, Pretoria, South Africa; m. BOB HARRIS; b. November 12, 1948, Eastern Transvaal (White River) South Africa.


Notes for BOB HARRIS: They have 2 children



Generation No. 4


13.  EDMUND SYDNEY FOSTER6 LEE (RALPH BRUCE5 LEVI, EDMUND4, ANN3 ISAACS, LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born April 26, 1945 in Cape Town, South Africa.  He married CLARE FRANCES BIEZA December 14, 1974 in Rondebosch, Cape, Republic of South Africa, daughter of JOSEPH BIEZA and CORNELIA SITTARD.  She was born September 17, 1946 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.


Children of EDMUND LEE and CLARE BIEZA are:

            i.          JOSEPH CHARLES7 LEE, b. August 05, 1977, Cape Town, South Africa.

            ii.          COLIN MARK FOSTER LEE, b. April 11, 1979, Cape Town, South Africa.

            iii.         EILEEN MARGARET LEE, b. September 04, 1982, Edina, Minnesota, USA.