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Generation No. 1

1. SOLOMON2 SALANT (GABRIEL1 ?) was born 1848 in Courland, Russia, and died 1910 in New York, NY. He married DORA GEFFEN, daughter of ISAAC GEFFEN and MIRIAM PATZ. She was born 1850, and died 1932.


Solomon Salant was born in 1848, and emigrated from Courland, Russia to New York City in 1878. Apparently he moved to the United States first, to be joined later by the rest of the family. Solomon Salant joined with his son Gabriel and a third person to found a shirt manufacturing company in 1893. He died in New York City in 1910.

The company originally called Salant & Salant (later changed to Salant Corporation), was founded in 1893 and at first manufactured only cotton utility shirts. It also produced chambray shirts for the troops of the Spanish-American War. In 1906, the firm's first major plant was opened for mass production of products. Additional facilities were built or acquired at a number of locations in several states. The company's product lines grew: utility pants were added in 1938, sports shirts in 1949, jackets in 1954, casual slacks in 1955, knitted shirts in 1959, and later children's coordinates and playwear, coveralls, outerwear, dress shirts, suits and sports jackets, and apparel for women.

Source for information on the company: 1980 report on Salant Corporation.

Emigrated: 1878, From Courland, Russia to New York, NY
Job: Businessman

2. i. WILLIAM3 SALANT, b. February 02, 1870; d. December 10, 1943.
3. ii. GABRIEL SALANT, b. May 12, 1872; d. April 12, 1936.
iii. HENRY SALANT, b. September 13, 1874; d. March 17, 1952; m. ETHEL NEALE.
4. iv. AARON B. SALANT, b. January 04, 1878, Courland, Russia; d. July 28, 1967.
5. v. LOUIS SALANT, b. January 22, 1880; d. February 03, 1958, New York, NY.
6. vi. HARRIET SALANT, b. August 26, 1891; d. December 28, 1987.

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