Key to using the family tree:To find a name on this family tree, you can go to "Index of Surnames," and then click on "Individuals and birth dates."

For many of the names on the Isaacs family tree you wish to check out, if you click on the name, you will be brought directly to the portion of the family tree where that name appears (links will be added for the Salant family).

For example, if you click on "Isaacs, Myron Samuel," you will be brought to Generation 5 on the Isaacs family tree as follows:

40. MYRON SAMUEL5 ISAACS (STANLEY MYER4, MYER SAMUEL3, SAMUEL MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born June 13, 1911 in New York, NY, and died September 13, 1988 in White Plains, NY.

The "40" in front of the name means that this is the 40th family entry in the tree.

The superscript "5" means that Myron Samuel Isaacs is the fifth generation on the Isaacs family tree

In the parentheses are the four previous generations of male names, i.e., his father is Stanley Myer Isaacs (4th generation), his grandfather is Myer Samuel Isaacs (3rd generation), and so on.

The first born child in a family is given a number indicating a new generation; in the following example, Stanley Salant Isaacs is the 6th generation.

Children of MYRON ISAACS and HELEN SALANT are:65. i. STANLEY SALANT6 ISAACS, b. November 19, 1939, New York

The "65" in front of Stanley Salant Isaacs’ name indicates there is a separate entry for his family including spouse and children.’

If a last name has been changed from "Isaacs" because of marriage or other reason, the change shows up as follows:

89. KATHRYN6 BAKER (JOYCE JULIA LEAH5 LIPKIN, ESTHER4 LICHTENSTEIN, JULIA3 ISAACS, DAVID MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born on May 20, 1948. She married ELLIOTT BERMAN, who was born on December 12, 1944.

In this entry, the mother of Kathryn Baker (who, when married, became Kathryn Berman) is Joyce Julia Leah Lipkin (5th generation), her grandmother is Esther Lichtenstein (4th generation), her great grandmother is Julia Isaacs, her great great grandfather is David Myer Isaacs and her great great great grandfather is Myer Samuel Isaacs.

For some family members, you will find additional information, such as obituaries, published materials, memorial services and remembrances, photos and books by family members.

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