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6. MYER SAMUEL3 ISAACS (SAMUEL MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born May 08, 1841 in New York, NY USA, and died May 24, 1904 in New York, NY. He married (PHOBE) MARIA SOLOMON, daughter of BARNET SOLOMON and JULIA HART. She was born January 25, 1850, and died March 26, 1889 in New York, NY, USA.

In 1880, he was appointed judge of the Marine Court of the City of New York. He was active on political issues, in both the Republican Party and in the New York political reform movement, particularly through Citizens Union. In 1898, he was an unsuccessful Republican and Citizens' party candidate for judge of the New York Supreme Court.
He was one of the originators of the Sound Money Clubs in 1896 and active in the 1900 national sound money campaign. He helped write and edit "Jewish Messenger" with his father and brothers. He taught real estate law at the NYU Law School.
He was very active in philanthropic work: housing and educating Jewish immigrants to the U.S.; President of the Board of Trustees of the Baron de Hirsch Fund; vice president of the Education Alliance, and active in Congregation Shaaray Tefila; board of Delegates of American Israelites; United Hebrew Charities; Montefiore Home for the Aged and Infirm; and Hebrew Technical Institute.
He was the author of numerous publications, including Jewish Question in Russia (1882), Jewish Persecution of the Jewish Roumanians (1895)

Children of MYER ISAACS and (PHOBE) SOLOMON are:
i. GRACE4 ISAACS, b. December 08, 1869; d. 1880.
ii. MINNIE ISAACS, b. January 17, 1871; d. January 17, 1918.
iii. ALICE ISAACS, b. 1872; d. 1946.
iv. JULIEN MYER ISAACS, b. June 01, 1874; d. March 31, 1905.
23. vi. LEWIS MONTEFIORE ISAACS, b. 1877, New York, New York; d. December 22, 1944
24. vii. STANLEY MYER ISAACS, b. September 27, 1882, New York, NY; d. July 12, 1962, New York, NY.

7. ISAAC S.3 ISAACS (SAMUEL MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born November 01, 1845, and died December 07, 1906. He married ESTELLE SOLOMON, daughter of BARNET SOLOMON and JULIA HART. She was born 1851, and died May 03, 1879.

Notes for ISAAC S. ISAACS:
Isaac Isaacs was born in New York on November 1, 1845. He was educated at the Forrest and Quackenbos Collegiate School. He graduated with an M.A. at the New York University in 1867 and was LL.B. the same year at Columbia College. Admitted to the bar in 1868, he joined his brother in the well-known firm of Isaacs and Sanger, which in 1894 became M.S. and I.S. Isaacs.
In 1878, he married Estelle Solomon, youngest daughter of Barnet L. Solomon. The next year, 1879, Estelle gave birth to Isabel Isaacs (who later married Edgar A. Levy) and died presumably during child birth.
Most of his life, he was devoted to a variety of Jewish charities, including the United Hebrew Charities (where he was a director), Young Men's Hebrew Association (one of founders and president for three years), Hebrew Fuel Society (president), Ladies' Benevolent Society (Secretary) and Shaaray Tefila Synagogue (president). He 1899, he was elected president of the First National Conference of Jewish Charities and served on the board until his death on December 7, 1906.
As a youth, he assisted his father and eldest brother, Myer S. Isaacs, in the editorial management of the "Jewish Messenger," and contributed articles for nearly 40 years.

Source: "Progressive, Patriotic and Philanthropic Hebrews of the New World"
More About ISAAC S. ISAACS:Job: Lawyer

25. i. ISABELLE4 ISAACS, b. 1879; d. July 02, 1924.

8. ABRAM SAMUEL3 ISAACS (SAMUEL MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born August 30, 1851 in New York, New York, and died December 22, 1920 in Paterson, New Jersey. He married LILLY LEE HARBY April 23, 1890.

Abram Samuel Isaacs was born on August 30, 1852 in New Jersey and died on December 22, 1920 in Patterson, New Jersey. He received an A.B. in 1871 and a M.A. (presumably B.A. and M.A.) from the University of the City of New York. He continued his studies at the University of Breslau and the Jewish Theological Seminary at Breslau.
When his father died, Abram took over editorship of the weekly newspaper "Jewish Messenger," which he maintained until the paper was absorbed by the "American Hebrew" in 1903. From 1886 to 1894, he was a professor of Hebrew, and from 1887 to 1895 professor of German, both at the University of the City of New York. He later was a professor of German literature and a professor of Semitics.
Abram Isaacs was also minister in the East Eighty-Sixth Street Synagogue in New York and later preacher in the B'nai Jeshurun of Paterson, New Jersey.
He wrote numerous books, including "A Modern Hebrew Poet: The Life and Writings of Moses Chaim Luzzatto" (1878), "What is Judaism? A Survey Of Jewish Life, Thought and Achievement" (1912) and a number of books for younger readers. He wrote many newspaper articles, Source: Dictionary of American Biography, 1953, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York

Children of ABRAM ISAACS and LILLY HARBY are:

9. MYER LEWIS3 ISAACS (LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) (Source: e-mail from Elizabeth (Liz) Ann Foord, Sept. 14, 1997) was born 1848, and died March 2, 1907 (Source: Principal Probate Registry, Calendars of Wills and Administration Intestate, Also, see Burial Society of the United Synagogue, No. 310 - says age at death was 68 years. Confirms death on March 2, 1907.). He married JULIA LEVY November 27, 1867 in 14 The Crescent, Plymouth, England (Source: The Jewish Victorian, Geneaological Information from the Jewish Newspapers, 1861-70, p.167, Transcribed and edited by Doreen Berger, Robert Boyd Publications, 2004.), daughter of MARKES LEVY. She was born 1844, and died on October 8, 1915 (Source: Principal Probate Registry, Calendars of Wills and Administration Intestate, Also, see Burial Society of the United Synagogue, No. 1161, which gives age at death as 72 years. Confirms death on October 8, 1915.).
More About MYER LEWIS ISAACS: Job: Optician

Children of MYER ISAACS and JULIA LEVY are:
i. LEWIS MYER4 ISAACS, b. June 16, 1870 (Source: The Jewish Victorian, Geneaological Information from the Jewish Newspapers, 1861-70, p.167.); d. June 21, 1931; m. JULIETTE MARKS.
More About LEWIS MYER ISAACS: Had no children. Job: Optician
More About JENNY ISAACS:Interesting fact: May have been cousins - both Jenny and Alfred appeared to have last name of Isaacs, but he is not listed as a son of Myer Isaacs in the Lewis Isaacs will. Had no children.
Job: JONAS ALFRED ISAACS was cycle maker
26. iii. FREDERICK MYER ISAACS, b. 1874; d. December 27, 1951, London, England.
iv. MABEL SARAH ISAACS, b. 1876; d. June 15, 1945 never married.
v. EDITH REBECCA ISAACS, b. 1878; d. July 10, 1954, never married.
vi. AMY JUDITH ISAACS, b. 1880; d. February 14, 1944, never married.
vii. ISABEL(LE) CLARICE ISAACS, b. 1885, d. January 31, 1964, never married.

10. ANN3 (Annie) ISAACS (LEWIS MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) (Source: All information about descendents from e-mail from Clare Lee [], July 23, 2005.) was born July 14, 1841 in Whitechapel, Middlesex, England. She married JOSEPH LEVI August 19, 1863 in Bridge House Hotel, London, England. He was born 1834 in Plymouth, Devon, England, and died April 01, 1876 in 40 Castle St., Holborn, England.

Notes for ANN ISAACS: On a postcard to Harold, son of Jennie. Annie Levi says, "This is the house we live in. The marks show my bedroom, facing the sea and Uncle Lewis', the garden. Come with your mother and sty with us soon. I would love to see my Harold, who I do often thing and speak of. Pleased to know you are getting on well at school. Expect you are now at the farm. Love from Grannie (Postmarked Southend -on-Sea. Address: Highlands, Imperial Avenue, Westcliff-on-Sea). In 1921 when Jennie died, Annie was 80 years old and living at 16 Hillmaster Road, Camden Town, London, England.

Notes for JOSEPH LEVI:
His name was also spelled Levy. Here is the trade entry for Joseph LEVI in the London Post Office Directory of 1872. The entry reads as follows: Levi, Joseph & Co.: Wholesale opticians, manufacturers of spectacles, eyeglasses, telescopes, field glasses, curvilinear opera glasses, stereoscopes & views, mathematical and nautical instruments, barometers and thermometers, quadrants, sextants, electrical apparatus & photographic apparatus &c. 40 Castle Street, Holborn (Source: e-mail from Clare Lee [], July 23, 2005).

More about JOSEPH LEVI: Job: Optician, owned an optical warehouse in London

Children of ANN ISAACS and JOSEPH LEVI are:
27. i. SAMUEL4 JOSEPH LEVI, b. 1864, Hackney, Middlesex, England.
28. ii. EDMUND HARRY LEVI, b. July 02, 1866, Hackney, Middlesex, England.
iii. FRANCIS PHINEAS LEVI, b. 1867, Hackney, Middlesex, England.
29. iv. JENNIE LEVI, b. 1870, Islington, Middlesex, England; d. July 18, 1921, Trichardt, Transvaal, South Africa.
v. LEWIS JOSEPH LEVI, b. July 18, 1872, Islington, Middlesex, England.
Notes about LEWIS LEVI: Not married; Job: Soliciter
vi. WALTER LEVI, b. May 16, 1875, Islington, Middlesex, England.

11. REBECCA3 ISAACS (JACOB MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.) was born May 11, 1840 in Sydney, Australia (Source: (sources for the birth dates of Rebecca, Maria, Lewis and Nathaniel is York St. Synagogue Birth register, sent via e-mail of June 2, 2004 by Gary Luke).), and died November 26, 1917. She married GABRIEL LEWIS May 19, 1863 in Auckland, New Zealand (Source: New Zealander newspaper, Auckland, New Zealand, May 20, 1863), son of LEWIS SOLOMON LEWIS. He was born 1837 in England and died November 26, 1917.

REBECCA married Gabriel Lewis in Auckland, New Zealand on May 19, 1863. Information about marriage of Rebecca and Gabriel Lewis came from New Zealander newspaper, Auckland, New Zealand, May 20, 1863; information discovered by Elizabeth Foord. According to Mary Watson of Auckland, New Zealand, writing in 2010, Rebecca Isaacs may be the first Isaacs to emigrate to New Zealand.
According to Synagogue records, Gabriel and Rebecca Isaacs were married on 19/05/1863 at Synagogue Beth El, Emily Place (on site 1855-1884) by Henry Isaacs, a Rabbi. (The records also indicated she died 04/02/1915 aged 72 "of paralysis". See Auckland Library's Symonds St. Cemetery file which notes she was buried in the same plot as her husband. Rebecca LEWIS probate in Auckland for 4 Feb 1915 (Ref BBAE 1569 9930/15. Her Death Registration, (1915/28*4 states she was born in Sydney, her father Jacob Isaacs, Clergyman. She died at Cleveland Road, Parnell, aged 74, and was survived by 4 male and 6 female children. NSW Pioneer's Index CD ROM (Volume Reference V1840159 136, Regist. Year 1840, Reg. No. 0) records her birth in Parish of Sydney in 1840, daughter of Jacob (Clergyman) and Blomer Isaacs (Source: Mary Watson of New Zealand, Decembr 28, 2006,
Rebecca Isaacs (born Sydney 1841) returned to London with her family in 1857 and is found in the United Kingdom Census of 1861. She came to New Zealand on the Indian Empire which arrived in Auckland Oct 20, 1862. Gabriel Lewis took out an "intention to marry" notice on 24 Mar 1863 and they married May 19 1863 at Beth El Synagogue Auckland. Gabriel had arrived in the colony on 25 Feb 1856. Of course, he could have met her in London (or even Sydney), but Mary Watson has no evidence he left New Zealand in that period. However, it was always extremely hard to find suitable Jewish marriage partners in the country Most single women (of any religion) came to NZ at that time for one of four reasons: to join family already there, to be married, to be a domestic servant/governess, or to be a prostitute. Notice: Miss ISAACS, Vessel INDIAN EMPIRE: Oct 20 1862. Note she would not have been unchaperoned as there was a very large family of Levi also aboard.

Notes for GABRIEL LEWIS: Monthly Shipping Lists - Port of Auckland, ARRIVAL Feb 25 1856, source NZH, February, 1856. Oriental barque 500 tons J C Macey from London. Passengers included LEWIS, Michael & Gabriel Pleasant passage of 108 days from Portsmouth. Other sources also mention Gravesend which was a more likely embarkation point from eastside.
LEWIS Bros. 1869 ... A registered wine and spirit merchant at Queen Street, Auckland. NZ Gazette 1869 page 202-206: Return showing the Names and Residences of all Persons registered as Brewers, or Wine and Spirit Merchants... under the Distillation Act, 1868.
From Cyclopedia of NZ. (Auckland area) Volume 2 1902, Accountants, Agents etc. "LEWIS, GABRIEL AND CO. (Gabriel and Louis Lewis), Auctioneers, Indenters, Manufacturer's Agents etc., 48 Queen Street, Auckland. Telephone 125. Bankers: National Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Gabriel Lewis, the senior partner of this old-established firm, founded the well-known house of Messrs Lewis Bros., soft goods merchants, in the year 1861. (With brother Michael - GFF - needs checking.) The business afterwards merged into that of auctioneering, and now the firm ranks as one of the leading houses of Auckland. Messrs Lewis and Co. are also indenters, manufacturers' agents, valuators and appraisers, and promoters and floaters of first-class mining properties on the London market through their bankers, Messrs Malcolm, Brunker and Co., St. Mary's Aix, London, E.C."
Intentions to Marry: Gabriel Lewis, bachelor, aged 25 of Hobson St Auckland, in residence for 7 years, took out an item 24/03/63 and married Rebecca Isaacs, aged 23, in residence for 6 months, on 13/05/1863. The ceremony was performed in the Auckland synagogue. BDM 20/8 p63 1498.
(Source: Mary Watson of New Zealand, Decembr 28, 2006,
More About GABRIEL LEWIS: Emigrated: New Zealand in 1856; Job: Company head - Soft goods merchant, auctioneer and much more

i. LOUIS4 LEWIS, b. March 05, 1864; d. October 28, 1940; m. CLARA MANTEL SHANNON, Abt. 1904.
Notes for LOUIS LEWIS: Louis born 05/03/1864 (Tephilloth), died 28/10/1940 (Jewish Museum Records). Louis (Louie on Death Register) was Gabriel's first born, at Wellesley St. He worked for his father and was reputedly an entertaining auctioneer, members of the public used to attend his furniture auctions just to hear him in action. He died of coronary thrombosis at 16 Elizabeth St., Timaru 28/10/1940 (Index 4490* ), aged 76 and was buried in the Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch on 29/10/1940. He had married CLARA MANTEL SHANNON about 1904 (she predeceased him). One daughter, aged 32, survived him.
(Source: Research by Graham Foster and sent by Mary Watson of New Zealand, Decembr 28, 2006,

ii. GERTRUDE LEWIS, b. February 01, 1865; d. January 01, 1867.
Notes for GERTRUDE LEWIS: Gertrude born 01/02/1865, died 24/07/1867 (Tephilloth). Auckland Library, Symonds St. Cemetery file says died 21/01/1867 aged 2 years, buried Symonds St., same plot as parents, Jewish section W77.
(Source: Research by Graham Foster and sent by Mary Watson of New Zealand, Decembr 28, 2006,

iii. JACOB LEWIS, b. May 25, 1866; d. August 10, 1867.

iv. ALFRED MEYER LEWIS, b. May 15, 1867; d. June 16, 1925.
Notes for ALFRED MEYER LEWIS: Alfred Meyer born 15/05/1867 (Tephilloth), Synagogue records call him Albert, born 16/05/1867, Hobson St. He died 16/06/1925 "in a mental hospital", (Library, Jewish Register, Waikumete Cemetery). Buried Waikumete, Hebrew Block A, Row 3, Plot 94. He appears to have been resident in a mental asylum before 1919 according to the disbursements in Gabriel's will where expenditure of £70.15.00 is recorded as payment to "Mental Hospital" and a trust of £1,000 is set up for Alfred.
(Source: Research by Graham Foster and sent by Mary Watson of New Zealand, Decembr 28, 2006,

30. v. MICHAEL MORRIS LEWIS, b. March 21, 1868; d. August 02, 1947.

31. vi. ANNIE LEWIS, b. July 22, 1870, Auckland, New Zealand; d. Abt. 1925.

vii. MABEL LEWIS, b. September 26, 1871.

viii. MARY LOUISE LEWIS, b. December 04, 1872; d. 1948; m. CHARLES HENRY SMITH, October 26, 1897, Auckland, New Zealand; b. Abt. 1867.
More About CHARLES HENRY SMITH: Job: Landing waiter for HM Customs

ix. LIONEL EDWARD LEWIS, b. August 29, 1874.

32. x. LILLIAN LEWIS, b. January 23, 1876; d. November 17, 1962; m. LEN MITCHELL, 1913; b. 1883; d. 1963.
More About LEN MITCHELL: Emigrated: England; Job: Commercial traveller, grain and seed merchant.

xi. HILDA VIOLETTA LEWIS, b. April 02, 1877; d. April 10, 1968, Auckland, New Zealand; m. MAX LICHTENSTEIN, January 08, 1902; b. 1873, Germany; d. 1950.
Notes for MAX LICHTENSTEIN: Max was born Uschisoff, son of Doctor Joseph (c.1795-c.1885, ex Vitebsk) and Freda, in Mesel (Memel?), North Germany and trained to be a Doctor there. He joined his cousin Louis Paykel, also a son of a Doctor, (born in Odessa, Russia in 1873) at the Hospital and Medical College, Ekaterinoslav, South Russia (now known as Dnepropetrovsk) to complete medical studies. Between 1835 and 1917 Jews in Russia were forced by law to live in the "Pale of Settlement", an area stretching between the Baltic and the Black Sea and embracing Odessa and Ekaterinoslav. Poverty and anti-Semitism were rife. Whenever a disaster such as an outbreak of cholera or animal disease occurred the Jews were blamed and a wave of pogroms would erupt. They would be beaten tortured and murdered by mobs of Cossacks who roamed through the streets and burnt houses. In 1827 the Tsar decreed that each Jewish community would deliver up a quota of military recruits. They were to serve 25 years from the age of 18 but could be drafted from 12. Whilst in the Army, strenuous efforts were made to convert them to Christianity. Families not only lost their sons but their religious succession. (See )
In 1893, probably mid-summer, Max and Louis escaped Russia, possibly under hay in a cart and are thought to have travelled across Europe bribing border guards. They caught a ship to New York, where they learnt English at night school. They probably also lived in Sheboygan near Milwaukee where Louis' brothers and sisters had settled. Albert and Max Paykel later married their cousins (Max Uschisoff's sisters) Rika (1865-1930) and Ida (1867-1942), the girls having changed their surnames to Usow. Both couples plus Louis' younger sister Leah and her husband Benjamin Burman migrated to New Zealand between 1897 and 1900.
After about a year Max and Louis went to Belgium and sailed from Antwerp for Australia in the SS Somerfield, arriving in Port Adelaide early in 1895. While Louis worked in Adelaide, Max visited Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and sailed on to Auckland, arriving in May 1895 with £5 in his pocket but he was, at least, in a country free from oppression. Max soon advised Louis of the business opportunities presented by the flourishing Kauri Gum industry in Northland and Louis joined him, arriving with less in his pocket than had Max. Believing he would be better accepted in business, Louis, son of Aaron, changed he name to Louis Arnoldson. Peter Lichtenstein thinks his grandfather Max simply adopted the name of the European Principality to rid himself of his Russian surname.
Kauri gum is the resin of kauri trees. It oozes through fractures in the bark and congeals, forming lumps which fall to the ground where it becomes buried by layers of forest debris. Some was found on the surface but most was found at different depths and recovered by diggers. They drove metal rods into the ground to detect the deposits. The Northern gumfields were no land of milk and honey, but a wasteland of wet rushes, scrub and coarse fern. The magnificent kauri forests of thousands of years ago had long since vanished. (David notes that the Kauri was widely and extensively exploited from the early 1800's until it was almost totally cleared by the 1930's but. there are still lots in the Waipoua Kauri Forest. Graham recalls piles of limbs of kauri trees being burnt on Don McCathies's farm at upper Waiwera around the late 1930's. The knot-free trunks were lopped at the first branch, often over a hundred feet from the ground. The waste was appalling by modern standards). The gum was cleaned of dirt and exported, mainly to America and England where it was an important constituent of high grade varnish and, from 1910, in the manufacture of linoleum. The Maoris used gum for chewing (it was passed from mouth to mouth), to light fires and for tattooing.
By the end of 1895 the cousins had opened their first store at Matakohe and established a firm named Lichtenstein and Arnoldson, Kauri Gum Merchants, Importers and Storekeepers. The store was in three divisions - a general store, one for produce of all kinds, the third for kauri gum. Gum would be brought by diggers to Matakohe and the cousins would frequently travel around gumfields in Northern and Southern Wairoa purchasing large quantities. It was taken in bags on horse drawn carts to the wharf on Kaipara Harbour, by steamer to Helensville and by train to Auckland, the same route in reverse bringing in supplies and stock for the shop. The families all pitched in getting the goods up from the wharf.
Even though they had virtually no capital it was not long before they were prospering and the business expanded rapidly. Within a year two more stores were opened - at Ru Point and Opitonui where Max also ran the local Post and Telegraph Office which was later burnt down. Soon they took up a lease of some 40,000 acres of native land and started buying gum from the diggers who were mainly Maori and Dalmatians. The gum was all shapes and sizes and covered with dirt which the diggers would scrape off. As business prospered other leases were acquired and in the summer as many as 100 gum diggers would be employed.
The prosperous times did not last. The 1930's came and with them the Great Depression. The Kauri Gum Industry collapsed completely. Gum became unsaleable due to a cheap synthetic substitute being developed for varnish and linoleum manufacture. Louis, said to be one of the first car owners in Auckland, died on 1 Feb 1933 when his car crashed into a horse drawn lorry in Beach Road, near Auckland Railway Station, probably due to a heart attack.
Max continued the business concentrating on property purchase and management including Brighton Hall Flats in Brighton Road, Parnell - Spanish Mission style, flats in Royal Oak and office/shops in Eden Terrace. Patsy remembers doing the rounds of these premises with her grandfather, collecting the rent.
(Source: Mary Watson of New Zealand, Decembr 28, 2006, and Graham Foster)

xii. SYBIL LEWIS, b. February 17, 1882; d. September 28, 1958.

12. MARIA3 ISAACS (JACOB MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.) was born December 09, 1842 in Sydney, Australia. She married LAWRENCE MOSES SAMUEL April 19, 1863 in 13 St. Mark Street, Great Prescott Street.

i. LEAH4 SAMUEL (Source: The Jewish Victorian, Geneaological Information from the Jewish Newspapers, 1861-70, p.339, p.167, Transcribed and edited by Doreen Berger, Robert Boyd Publications, 2004.), b. January 14, 1865.
ii. REBECCA SAMUEL, b. November 09, 1866, Job: teacher.
iii. JACOB SAMUEL, b. September 08, 1868, Job: traveler.
iv. SARAH SAMUEL, b. June 03, 1870, Job: pianist.

13. LEWIS 3 ISAACS (JACOB MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born December 26, 1844 in Sydney, Australia, and died December 22, 1921 in New York, New York, USA. He married CLARESSA JANE GESNER November 14, 1869. She was born April 21, 1853 in Connecticut, USA, and died August 04, 1931 in Vermont, USA.

Notes for LEWIS ISAACS: Lewis returned with his parents and the family to the UK where he appears in the 1861 UK Census. He emigrated to the US in 1866 and was naturalised in 1879. (Source: e-mails from Beverly Duncan (, July 5, 2011, and from Mary Watson (, July 9, 2011)
Notes for CLARESSA JANE GESNER: Claressa’s parents were George Mann GESNER b 1819, NY; d 1907 CT; m Mary Taylor PATON b 1822, CT; d 1885 CT. The Gesners were Swiss-German Lutherans originally displaced during the Palatinate wars of 1689-1697. They settled in Tappan/Orangetown NY about June 1710 and were deeply involved on both sides of the Revolutionary War. (Source: e-mails from Beverly Duncan (, July 5, 2011, and from Mary Watson (, July 9, 2011)

33. i. CORA MAY4 ISAACS, b. January 08, 1871, Connecticut, USA; d. April 14, 1969, Florida, USA. She married Robert Eugene Brainard on April 19, 1893. He was born on May 8, 1876 in Connecticut, USA. He died on September 25, 1935 in New York, New York, USA.
ii. EDGAR ISAACS, b. October 12, 1872; d. July 29, 1873.
iii. IDA MAUDE ISAACS, b. July 04, 1874; d. March 21, 1937; m. ELLISTON HERBERT BELL, October 16, 1900; b. December 07, 1874, Bermuda; d. 1937.
iv. EDNA MORRIS ISAACS, b. December 28, 1880; d. October 31, 1976; m. EDWARD MCCORD, August 08, 1917; b. May 10, 1878; d. October 02, 1921.
34. v. MYRTLE VALENTINE ISAACS, b. February 14, 1883; d. January 19, 1939; m. GEORGE WOOD, April 22, 1903; b. November 11, 1881, New York, New York, USA.
vi. HAROLD EUGENE ISAACS, b. March 31, 1894; d. December 11, 1894.
vii. HOWARD JULIEN ISAACS, b. March 31, 1894; d. December 13, 1894.

14. NATHANIEL JOHN3 ISAACS rd (JACOB MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) (Source: (1) Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997., (2) "The First Jewish Cemetery: Colonial Jewry in Wellington".) was born September 25, 1846 in Sydney, Australia, and died February 20, 1888 in Wellington, New Zealand. He married KATE LEVI December 30, 1874 in N. Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. She died in 1924.


Nathaniel or Nate Isaacs was born in 1847 in Sydney, Australia, and died at age 41 on February 24, 1888. He was married to Kate Levi, and they had six children. He moved to New Zealand in about 1868. He was employed for some years as a commercial traveler for Messrs. Lewis Bros. of Auckland. In about 1876, he settled in Wellington, New Zealand, where he started a business as an auctioneer. Later he became a licensed victualler, then auctioneer again, and then landlord of the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel.

Source; Evening Post, February 24, 1888, reprinted in "The First Jewish Cemetery: Colonial Jewry in Wellington"

According to Mary Watson of Auckland, New Zealand, writing in 2010, Nathanial was among the first Isaacs to emigrate to New Zealand. Nathaniel John Isaacs came to New Zealand in about 1868. He was employed for some years as a commercial traveller for Lewis Bros, settling in Wellington in 1876 as an auctioneer. The chain may have worked as follows. Edward Lewis arrived 6 Sep 1855, and Henry possibly in the same year (he claimed he was in Sydney in 1854). Gabriel and Michael came on the same ship in 1856. One of their sisters, Matilda Lewis, appears in the United Kingdom Census in 1861, arrived in Auckland in 1865 and was married there 13 November 1867 (clearly not an arranged marriage). A descendent of Matilda is adamant that Gabriel was the instigator of the chain - hard to believe looking at the dates. At any rate, Mary Watson guesses that Rebecca encouraged Nathaniel John's emigration and found him work in her husband's business. Quite a miracle as Lewis Bros went bust twice between 1867 and 1878. This was a common fate as the colony struggled mightily to find a raison d'etre.
Source: Mary Watson e-mail of February 4, 2010,
More About NATHANIEL JOHN ISAACS: Interesting fact: President of the Wellington Hebrew Congregation 1877-1880; Job: Commercial traveller, auctioneer, victualler, landord of Duke of Edinburgh Hotel

Notes for KATE LEVI: Kate Levi's husband died when he was quite young and she was left with six children to bring up on her own. She took over the management of the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel from her late husband. She also received assistance from the Wellington Hebrew congregation. In 1917, she moved with her daughters to a house built for them across the harbour at Eastbourne, where she lived with her daughters -- none of whom married -- until her death.
More About KATE LEVI: Job: Management of Duke of Edinburgh Hotel

i. EVA BLOOMA ISAACS, b. November 12, 1875; d. 1943, never married."
35. ii. JACOB NATHAN ISAACS, b. August 30, 1877, Wellington, New Zealand; d. December 23, 1961, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
iii. MARIA MAY ISAACS, b. May 05, 1879; d. Abt. 1951, never married.
iv. ROSA ISAACS, b. January 03, 1881; d. Abt. 1966, Job: Accounts clerk, law firm, never married. 36. v. DR. DAVID NATHAN4 ISAACS, b. December 09, 1882, Wellington, New Zealand; d. 1977, Rona Bay, Eastbourne, New Zealand.
vi. DAISY MURIEL ISAACS (Source: (1) Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997., (2) "The First Jewish Cemetery: Colonial Jewry in Wellington", p.104.), b. 1886; d. 1986, Rona Bay, Eastbourne, New Zealand.
Notes about DAISY ISAACS: (Source: Hutt News 10 June 1986)

15. FANNY3 ISAACS (JACOB MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.) was born 1851 in Sydney, Australia and died August 6, 1923 in 4 Bolton Road, England. She married BARNETT LELYVELD, son of Levy Lelyveld, a cigar maker, and Doetje Slier, on October 28, 1874. He was born 1848 in The Hague, Holland, and died March 8, 1930 in West Ham, London, England.

More About FANNY ISAACS: Burial: August 08, 1923, East Ham Cemetary

i. DORA4 LELYVELD (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. August 20, 1875, London, England.
ii. FLORENCE LELYVELD (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. December 6, 1876, London, England; d. 1877.
iii. PAULINE LELYVELD (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. December 21, 1877, London, England.
iv. EDITH REBECCA LELYVELD (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. 1879, London, England; d. 1881.
v. CLARA LELYVELD (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. February 02, 1881, London, England.
vi. LIZZIE LELYVELD (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. 1883, London, England.
More About LIZZIE LELYVELD:Burial: East Ham, London, England
vii. MIRIAM LELYVELD (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. Bet. 1885 - 1886.
More About ANNIE LELYVELD: Burial: July 31, 1935, East Ham Jews Cemetary
viii. ANNIE LELYVELD (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. 1887, London, England; d. July 29, 1935, London, England, burial July 31, 1935 East Ham Jews Cemetary.
ix. JULIA LELYVELD (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. 1891, London, England.
37. x. SAMUEL LELYVELD, b. October 20, 1895, Leigh-on-Sea, England; d. January 28, 1940, Lancs.

16. SAMUEL3 ISAACS (JACOB MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1(Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.) was born 1852 in Sydney, Australia, and died in London, England. He married ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) SAMUELS April 23, 1879 in Middlesex, England.

Notes for SAMUEL ISAACS: Emigrated: April 22, 1879, Moved to London. According to February 2004 e-mails from June Ingleby, living in Victoria, Australia, whose husband had as his grandfather Samuel Isaacs, there were five children: Elizabeth Isaacs, born about 1881, Jacob Hiram Samuel Isaacs, born about 1884, Joseph Isaacs, born about 1887, Ernest Isaacs, born about 1888, Miriam Isaacs, born about 1889. Jacob Isaacs at some point changed his name to Jack Ingram (a fact only discovered shortly before 2004 e-mails). He married Ethel Louise Winifred Williams. They had as a child Barbara Isaacs, whose name later became Barbara Ingram, born in 1906. Barbara Ingram married Walter Ingleby in 1932, and they had three children. The middle child, Derrick Ingleby, born in 1932, married June.
More About SAMUEL ISAACS: Emigrated: April 22, 1879, Moved to London

i. ELIZABETH4 ISAACS, b. Abt. 1881 (Source: e-mail from June Ingleby, February 2004.).
38. ii. JACOB HIRAM SAMUEL ISAACS, b. Abt. 1884.
iii. JOSEPH ISAACS, b. Abt. 1887.
iv. ERNEST ISAACS, b. Abt. 1888; m. GERTRUDE.
v. MIRIAM ISAACS, b. Abt. 1889; m. HERMON AARON.


Children of ? ISAACS and ? JOSEPH are:
39. ii. DR. ISAACS.

18.RACHEL3 ISAACS (DAVID MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) (Source: (1) e-mail from Elizabeth (Liz) Ann Foord, Sept. 14, 1997., (2) e-mail from Kathryn Berman, August 08, 2000, (3) Anthony Joseph family tree 1997.) was born 1835 and died March 24, 1874. She married HENRY JOSEPHI, a diamond broker.

More About HENRY JOSEPHI: Education: Diamond broker

i. MARCUS 4 JOSEPHI, died August 9, 1872 (Source: e-mail from Kathryn Berman, August 08, 2000.).
ii. RACHAEL JOSEPHI (Source: e-mail from Kathryn Berman, August 08, 2000.).
41. iii. MIRIAM JOSEPHI, born about 1860.
iv. BENJAMIN HENRY JOSEPHI, born about 1862. (Source: e-mail from Kathryn Berman, August 08, 2000.), d. February 25, 1913, 425 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, England.
42. v. EVA JOSEPHI, born about 1865.
vi. MYER HENRY JOSEPHI (Source: e-mail from Kathryn Berman, August 08, 2000.), born about 1869; was a broker in precious stones; died March 26, 1938, 54 Drapers Road, Enfield, Middlesex, England; m. EDITH MARGARET, who died January 03, 1957, 18 Compton Road, Winchmore Hill, London N.21, England.
More About MYER HENRY JOSEPHI: Burial: March 28, 1938, Willesden Cemetery, Block L, Row 32, No. 15; Education: Broker in precious stones
43. vii. ERNEST HENRY JOSEPHI, born about 1871, died January 23, 1917.
viii. EDWARD HENRY JOSEPHI (Source: e-mail from Kathryn Berman, August 08, 2000.), born about 1873, Manchester, England; d. November 15, 1917, 2 The Green Richmond Surrey, London.

19. JOEL DAVID 3ISAACS (DAVID MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born July 8, 1842. He married AMELIA. She was born 1848 in New York, USA.

He appears to have emigrated to the United States in 1867, was naturalized in 1879 and lived in Chicago until 1919. In 1880 he was a feather dealer and by 1910 he was a manufacturer of lubricants. He married Amelia (born 1848 in NY) and had 6 children. Joel’s family can be found in the United States 1900 and 1910 censuses. (Source: Mary Watson e-mail August 1, 2010)

Children of JOEL ISAACS and AMELIA are:
i. MYER4 ISAACS, b. 1870 in Illinois.
ii. MARCUS/MARTIN J ISAACS, b. 1871 in Memphis.
iii. LOUIS ISAACS, b. 1873 in Illinois .
iv. EVA ISAACS, b. 1875 in Illinois.
v. KATE/KATHRYN ISAACS, b. 1877 in Illinois.
vi. KATHRYN ISAACS, b. 1884 in Illinois.

20. JULIA3 ISAACS (DAVID MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) (Source: (1) e-mail from Kathryn Berman, August 08, 2000., (2) Anthony Joseph family tree 1997.) was born March 13, 1848, and died February 02, 1901. She married SAMUEL LICHTENSTEIN (Source: Anthony Joseph family tree 1997.). He was born 1856, and died 1920.

i. REBECCA4 LICHTENSTEIN (Source: e-mail from Kathryn Berman, August 08, 2000.), m. LIONEL BLUNDELL.
46. iv. JACOB LEWIS LICHTENSTEIN b. June 27, 1886, Cheetham Lancs, England; d. February 07, 1947, Salford, England.

21. BARNARD 3 DAVID (BARNETT) ISAACS (DAVID MYER2, MYER SAMUEL1) was born 1856 in Manchester, England, and died May 13, 1904 in Bayswater, England. He married LEAH DUTCH April 04, 1878. She was born 1856, and died January 29, 1938 in 157 West End Lane, NW, and was buried two days later at Willesden Cemetery - Block B, Row N2, No. 5.

Notes for BARNARD ISAACS: Professor Barnard (Barney) Haysack was born in 1856 as Barnard Isaacs. There is some confusion about whether is first name was Barnard or Barnett. At some point he changed his last name to Haysack. An obituary from the May 13, 1904 Bayswater Chronicle describes him as Professor Haysack, "one of the foremost teachers of oratory" in England. The obituary says that he "inherited his father's gifts of both intellect and eloquence, and was equally successful in the fields of oratory, elocution and literature. As a teacher he had few rivals, some of the most prominent members of both Houses of Parliament being his pupils." He died at the age of 47.
Source: Bayswater Chronicle obituary, May 13, 1904
More About BARNARD ISAACS: Job: Taught eloqution inter alia to Member of Parliament

Children of BARNARD ISAACS and LEAH DUTCH are:
48. i. PEARL 4 HAYSACK, b. 1880.
ii. GLADYS HAYSACK, b. 1883; d. 1967; m. ALBERT HARRIS.
More about GLADYS HAYSACK: musician, singer and Pianist
49. iii. ESTHER MAY4 ("Maisie") HAYSACK, b. 1887; d. 1948.

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