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Generation No. 2

2. SAMUEL MYER2 ISAACS (MYER SAMUEL1) was born January 04, 1804 in Leeuwarden, Holland, and died May 19, 1878 in New York, NY. He married JANE SYMMONS June 25, 1839. She was born 1823 in London, England, and died May 21, 1884 in New York, NY.

Rev. Samuel Myer Isaacs was born on January 4, 1804 in Leeuwarden, Friesland, Holland. He moved with his family to London, England, in 1814. He was a professor of Hebrew and principal of an orphan asylum in London.
He was chosen to head a Jewish congregation in New York, B'nai Jeshurun. He married Jane Simons (originally Symmons) on June 26, 1839, and then embarked on a 63 - 65 day sea voyage to New York City. Most of his siblings stayed in London, although one brother spent many years as a rabbi in Sydney, Australia.
Isaacs was the first U.S. rabbi to deliver sermons regularly in English. In 1845, he helped found Congregation Shaaray Tefila. He was a defender of orthodox Judaism against Reform Judaism. He established a weekly newspaper called "Jewish Messenger." He was an ardent abolitionist, driving away many Southern readers of his newspaper.
He was active in many civic and philanthropic organizations: founder of Board of Delegates of American Israelites (1859), which worked for Jewish civil and religious rights in the U.S. and abroad and treasurer of Palestine Society from its founding in 1854; one of the founders of Jews' Hospital, later named Mt. Sinai Hospital; chosen to represent the Jewish Community at Abraham Lincoln's funeral in New York in April 1866.
He died on May 18, 1878.
Emigrated: 1814, London, England
Interesting fact: Rabbi at ShaarayTefila Temple
Job: Rabbi

Jane Symmons has also been spelled Symons and Simons

6. i. JUDGE MYER SAMUEL3 ISAACS, b. May 08, 1841, New York, NY; d. May 24, 1904, New York, NY.
ii. RABBI JACOB STANLEY ISAACS, b. 1843; d. June 19, 1911.
7. iii. ISAAC S. ISAACS, b. November 01, 1845; d. December 07, 1906.
iv. MIRIAM ISAACS, b. October 20, 1849; d. Unknown.
8. v. ABRAM SAMUEL ISAACS, b. August 30, 1851, New York, New York; d. December 22, 1920, Paterson, New Jersey.
vi. REBECCA ISAACS, b. 1857; d. 1890.
vii. RACHEL ISAACS, b. October 10, 1858; d. July 07, 1904; m. V.E. ABECASSIS.
viii. SARAH ISAACS, b. 1859; d. May 26, 1917.

3. LEWIS MYER2 ISAACS (MYER SAMUEL1) was born 1807 in Leeuwarden, Holland, and died June 18, 1869. He married JANE HARRIS? (Source: e-mail from Elizabeth (Liz) Ann Foord, Sept. 14, 1997, (2) e-mail from Clare Lee [], July 23, 2005..). She was born 1805.

Lewis Myer Isaacs was born in Leeuwarden, Holland in 1807 and then moved with his family to London, England in 1814. Of all the brothers, he was the one who did not become a rabbi, but rather an attorney. He lived at 111 Lemans Street in London and then moved to St. Thomas' Square, Hackney, London. He was active in the Jewish community and served three successive periods as president of the Society of Social Friends in London.

Emigrated: 1814, London, England
Job: Attorney

Children of LEWIS ISAACS and JANE are:
i. ISAAC LEWIS 3 ISAACS, b. Abt. 1833 Decennial Census Schedules, 1841, (Source: Decennial Census Schedules, 1841 - H.O.107,716, Box 9, f, 33, p.101851 - H.O. 107,1546, f. 165, p.91861 - R.G.9.158, f. 73, pp.15&16.).
ii. FANNY ISAACS, b. Abt. 1835, m. Moses Van Gilder
iii. REBECCA ISAACS, b. Abt. 1837, m. Abraham Solomons of Holland
9. iv. MYER LEWIS3 ISAACS, b. 1839; d. March 2, 1907 at ' 163 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale, Middlesex
10. v. ANN ISAACS, b. July 14, 1841, m. Joseph Levy
vi. RACHEL ISAACS, b. Abt. 1844, m. MARCUS POOL, August 31, 1869, 3 Chesterfield Terrace, Hackney, NE.

4. JACOB MYER2 ISAACS (MYER SAMUEL1) was born 1808 in Leeuwarden, Holland, and died December 22, 1865 in London, England. He married BLOOMA OR ROSE. She was born 1810 in Holland, and died February 17, 1888 in London, England.

He also started a Jewish school in Sydney. He retired from the synagogue in 1856, and at the end of the year moved back to London. He died on December 22, 1865 in London.

The census of 1861 lists six children (Rebecca, Maria, Lewis, Nathanial, Fanny and Samuel) and one nephew, Myer Belsie, born in 1846 in Australia and living with the Jacob Isaacs family.
Source: Australian Jewish Historical Society, Volume IX, Part 4, November 1982, Sydney, Australia
Emigrated: 1814, London, England
Job: Rabbi
Res.: London, England & Sydney Australia

Her death certificate has the name Blooma crossed out, and then the name Rose. The date of death is February 17, 1888. Her maiden name may have been Collins.

Children of JACOB ISAACS and BLOOMA or ROSE are:
(sources for the birth dates of Rebecca, Maria, Lewis and Nathaniel is York St. Synagogue Birth register, sent via e-mail of June 2, 2004 by Gary Luke).
i. MYER 3ISAACS (Source: e-mail from Terry Newman, Sydney, Australia, May 20 - 2005.), b. 1838; d. March 12, 1852, Sydney, Australia.
Notes for MYER ISAACS:br> "Some of the following notes, that came from my transcriptions from some old Sydney tombstones done in the early 1970's, helps to clarify a few points. From the tombstones: Myer, 2nd son of Jacob Isaacs, Reader to the Sydney Synagogue, died 12.3.1852 aged 14." e-mail from Terry Newman, Sydney, Australia, May 20, 2005
11. ii. REBECCA3 ISAACS (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. May 11, 1840, Sydney, Australia. REBECCA married Gabriel Lewis in Auckland, New Zealand on May 19, 1863. Information about marriage of Rebecca and Gabriel Lewis came from New Zealander newspaper, Auckland, New Zealand, May 20, 1863; information discovered by Elizabeth Foord.
12. iii. MARIA ISAACS (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. December 9, 1842, Sydney, Australia and d. September 25, 1871 in London, England.
13. iv. LEWIS ISAACS, b. December 26, 1844, Sydney, Australia; d. December 22, 1921, New York, New York, USA.
14. 10. v. NATHANIEL JOHN ISAACS, b. September 25, 1846, Sydney, Australia; d. February 20, 1888, Wellington, New Zealand.
15. 11. vi. FANNY ISAACS, b. 1852, Sydney, Australia.
16. 12. vii. SAMUEL ISAACS (Source: Family tree prepared by Elizabeth (Liz) Anne Foord in 1997.), b. 1852, Sydney, Australia; m. ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" SAMUEL.

Emigrated: April 22, 1879, Moved to London. According to February 2004 e-mails from June Ingleby, living in Victoria, Australia, whose husband had as his grandfather Samuel Isaacs, there were five children: Elizabeth Isaacs, born about 1881, Jacob Hiram Samuel Isaacs, born about 1884, Joseph Isaacs, born about 1887, Ernest Isaacs, born about 1888, Miriam Isaacs, born about 1889. Jacob Isaacs at some point changed his name to Jack Ingram (a fact only discovered shortly before 2004 e-mails). He married Ethel Louise Winifred Williams. They had as a child Barbara Isaacs, whose name later became Barbara Ingram, born in 1906. Barbara Ingram married Walter Ingleby in 1932, and they had three children. The middle child, Derrick Ingleby, born in 1932, married June.

5. RABBI DAVID MYER2 ISAACS (MYER SAMUEL1) was born 1810 in Leeuwarden, Holland, and died May 01, 1879 in Southport, England near Liverpool. He married ESTHER LEVY 1832. She was born 1817, and died 1886.

His first congregation was in Bristol, England in about 1832, the same year he married Esther Levy, daughter of Joel Levy and Rachel Joseph. He was the first rabbi in England to deliver regularly sermons in English. In 1835, be began serving the ministry in Liverpool, where he remained for 35 years. He also served for about 20 years as Professor at the Liverpool College, where he taught Hebrew and oriental literature. Finally, he settled in Manchester, England. For many years, he alternated preaching at both Liverpool and Manchester. In 1837, he delivered a funeral oration on the occasion of the burial of King William IV.
An obituary in "The Jewish Messenger," founded by his brother Samuel Myer Isaacs, said: "His name and fame were not confined to Great Britain. His bold and manly utterances, his independent bearing, his unswerving and uncompromising adherence to the Judaism of his fathers, his matchless eloquence and power as a pulpit orator, were themes of admiration in all countries where English Jews or their descendants had residence."
The obituary also compares the two brothers, David and Samuel, saying they closely resembled each other in voice and manner, as well as physical build. It goes on "With them, their Judaism was not confined to the synagogue; but ever ready as they were to aid all causes that tended to the improvement of their people, they never shirked their duties as citizens of the commonweath, and advocated and substantially turthered? all public institutions."
[The same obituary describes him as the youngest of five brothers.]
In another obituary, he was described as rigidly orthodox and of the "old school," although "fairly tolerant" of other views. He was also described as being "gifted with a forcible, somewhat impulsive and eloquent style of oratory, tinged with a peculiarly caustic humor, he became very popular as a preacher."
In 1872, he traveled to New York to be present at the 70th birthday of his brother, Samuel Myer Isaacs (Jewish Chronicle, December 27, 1872)
He died on May 1, 1879.
The Register of Births and Burials of the Old Hebrew Congregation (Elizabeth Ford has a copy), March 21, 1886, lists the birth dates of Joel, Elias, Julia, Aragbella, Sarah, Caroline and Myer David. According to these records, two children died in their first year, Elias and Caroline.
Sources; "The Jewish Messenger," May 16, 1979, New York
"A Short Biography of the Author" by his eldest daughter Ellen Isaacs, written as a forward to the Funeral Oration on the burial of King William IV in 1896.
Obituary in "The Jewish Chronicle," May 9, 1879
Emigrated: 1814, London, England
Interesting fact: One of first rabbis to preach in English
Job: Rabbi
Moved: 1832, Bristol, England

Children of DAVID ISAACS and ESTHER LEVY are:
17. i. ?3 ISAACS.

18. ii. RACHEL ISAACS b. 1835 (source 1851 census), d. March 24, 1874.

iii. MYER DAVID ISAACS (Source: Anthony Joseph family tree 1997.), b. January 08, 1837. Present with family in 1851 UK census
Myer David Isaacs was a playwright and actor in Sydney. He was born in 1851 by one estimate, probably in London, England, and probably earlier than 1851. At some point he moved to Australia, where his uncle Jacob Myer Isaacs already lived. An April 12, 1856 article in "The People's Advocate" wrote of him as the author of comedietta. On November 2, 1860, another of his plays, again a comedy, was performed in Sydney, and was reviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald.
He then apparently spent a couple of years as newspaper editor of "The Miner and General Advertiser" in Lambing Flat - Burrangong on the newly discovered gold fields in the West of New South Wales. He apparently was an able journalist and a powerful orator. He became involved in several institutions: secretary of the Burrangong Race Club, founder and chairman of the Burrangong Amateur Dramatic Society, organized a committee for the relief of the "Victims of the Recent Murderous Outrage," president of the Burrangong Prospecting Association and the Diggers' Mutual Society and secretary of a move to secure better parliamentary representation of the area.
He authored another play, "The Battle of Life," which was performed in 1862 in Sydney. He returned to the gold fields, and was active in pressing for better police protection of the gold transports and for better roads in the area. He also appeared to practice some law.
In 1865, he moved to Brisbane, where his new play "The Bell of Brisbane or the Lady of Queensland" was performed.

Source: Australian Jewish Historical Society, Vol. IX, Part 4, November 1982
Job: Playwright and actor (Source: Bergman, G.F.J, "Jacob Myer Isaacs,", Australian Jewish Historical Society - November 1982, p.244.)

iv. ELLEN ISAACS (Source: Anthony Joseph family tree 1997, also source 1851 census), b. 1839, d. June 28, 1907.

v. CAROLINE ISAACS, b. March 28, 1841; d. March 1841, (The England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915, vol 28 p428).

19. vi. JOEL DAVID ISAACS (Source: (1) e-mail from Kathryn Berman, August 08, 2000., (2) Anthony Joseph family tree 1997.), b. July 08, 1842.

vii. ELIAS ISAACS (Source: Anthony Joseph family tree 1997.), b. July 02, 1844 (The England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915, 20 341); d. October 19, 1844. (The England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915, 20 249)

viii. LIONEL (LYONN) ISAACS (Source: (1) e-mail from Kathryn Berman, August 08, 2000., (2) Anthony Joseph family tree 1997.), b. March 1846 (The England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915, 20 380). Present with family in 1861 census, aged 15, occupation “working in a merchant’s office” (Source: Mary Watson e-mail August 1, 2010).

20. ix. JULIA ISAACS, b. March 13, 1848 (The England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915, 20, 306); d. February 02, 1901.

x. ARABELLA ISAACS (Source: Anthony Joseph family tree 1997.), b. April 15, 1850.

xi. SARAH ISAACS (Source: Anthony Joseph family tree 1997.), b. April 15, 1850.

xii. HANNA ISAACS, b. September 1854 (The England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915, 87b 115); m. SAM CASRIL.

21. xiii. BARNARD DAVID (Barney) ISAACS, b. 1856; d. May 13, 1904.

xiv. Henry Isaacs, b. Sep 1860 (The England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915, v8b p106). Present with the family in the 1861 census aged 12 months (Source: Mary Watson e-mail August 1, 2010).
More About this branch of the family:
The family is written up in the 1851 Anglo-Jewry database. They are also present in the 1861 census with 8 of the 14 children still at home. There may have been a birth between Barnard and Henry. If so she was named Ann Jane Isaacs born June 1859, see (The England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915, v8b p218). I can’t find them in the 1871 census. In the 1881 census, Esther was described as Head of Household, an annuitant living at 32 Herbert St Cheethan Manchester with Arabella aged 28, Hannah aged 26 and Ellen aged 18 who were all governesses. Esther may have died the first quarter of 1886 in Prestwich Lancashire v8d, p240; Jewish Chronicles 14/05/1886 p1 has a thank you note for condolences. (Source: Mary Watson e-mail August 1, 2010)

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